Streamlining Access to your Account Details with Open Banking

Seamlessly manage various account details with Paydeet's cutting-edge open banking technology.

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Streamlined Account management

Paydeet offers a user-friendly platform for effortless account management by connecting and managing all your accounts.

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Seamless Account Sharing

With your unique Paydeet link, you can easily share your account details using a unique link or QR code. With this link, people can send you money globally.

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Connect and Manage all your accounts with a single link.

With our innovative bank account management platform, you can effortlessly organise and access all your bank account details in one secure location.

Our user-friendly interface allows you to seamlessly add and link your account details, enabling quick and easy navigation between accounts.

Send and receive money easily with Paydeet

With your unique Paydeet link, you can easily send and receive money locally and internationally. No matter where you are.

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Need to make a transfer?

With your personalized Paydeet link, effortlessly send and receive money both locally and internationally.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Paydeet?
Paydeet is a platform that offers a centralised banking identity, allowing all bank accounts to be linked through a single generated link.
How to use Paydeet?
To use Paydeet, you need to generate a link and link it to your bank account.
How to create a link on Paydeet?
To create a link on Paydeet, you would need to create an account. Click here to sign up.
Is it free to use Paydeet?
There is a free package on the platform; however, it has limited functionalities. Fortunately, the paid subscriptions have been discounted, making Paydeet affordable for users.
What device can I use Paydeet on?
Paydeet can be used on all devices, including desktops, mobile and even tablets.